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Specialized safety valves with PTFE lining are made to handle fluids that are extremely corrosive or aggressive. Teflon, also known as PTFE, which is a substance with a high chemical resistance and can tolerate a variety of hostile chemical conditions, is used to line the interior of these safety valves. Darshan Valve & Controls is dedicated to provide the best valves and top-notch customer service as a leading producer and supplier of PTFE lined safety valves. A safety valve that has a PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) lining is known as a PTFE coated safety valve.

A PTFE lined safety valve has a coating of PTFE material coated on the inside surface, offering various advantages over conventional safety valves. First off, the valve is perfect for usage in harsh situations due to PTFE's exceptional chemical resistance. Second, PTFE has a low coefficient of friction, enabling smoother valve action and lowering the possibility of valve failure.

ptfe lined safety valve


Ptfe Lined Safety Valve

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PTFE lined safety valves are typically used in chemical processing plants, pharmaceutical facilities, and other industries where corrosive chemicals are used. They are also commonly used in steam systems and in applications where high temperatures are encountered.

The function of a PTFE lined safety valve is similar to that of any other safety valve - to prevent over pressure in a system. In the event of over pressure, the valve will automatically open to release excess pressure, protecting the system and its components.

It's crucial to select a PTFE-lined safety valve that is suitable for the application's particular requirements. The valve must be compatible with the kind of fluid or gas moving through the system and be rated for the appropriate pressure and temperature range.